Global Champions League teams announced

The 12 teams for the inaugural Global Champions League (GCL) season are announced today heralding the start of a new era in show jumping. The sport’s top riders are lined up for the unique new team-based show jumping League, which kicks off on Sunday 10th April in Miami Beach, USA. Riders from different countries will be united on teams like never before in the history of show jumping.

Edwina Top-Alexander and Jessica Springsteen during course walk

Edwina Top-Alexander and Jessica Springsteen

The innovative new format, launching in an Olympic year, will lead to fascinating tactical battles and fierce rivalries elevating the experience for fans as the competitions are played out in 15 spectacular venues worldwide. Teams will have up to five riders, including a maximum of two Top 30 ranked athletes for the 1.50m /1.55m GCL team competition. At least one rider will be under 25 years of age as GCL focuses on developing the young talent of the future. It will be an important opportunity for young riders to train and compete alongside the best in the world. Two riders will be selected to compete at each event on the circuit, which follows the calendar of the established Longines Global Champions Tour. The new multi-national squads of riders will be paired for the first time ever as they depend on each other for sporting glory and a share of the GCL €7.5 million prize money. Team selection decisions will be critical as Team Managers select riders and horses to maximise the best performance and results at each event through the season.

Lauren Hough & Cornet

Lauren Hough & Cornet

All teams will start in the first round of the new competition and their combined score on penalties and time will determine whether they go through to the second round. Eight best teams will win through to the second round. Suspense and drama will be high as the first riders of each team perform and are then followed by the second riders of each team with mounting tension as they chase the scores and times to beat. ‘This is a key strategic step forward in the evolution of our sport’, says Global Champions Tour founder Jan Tops. ‘It will transform the experience for millions of fans around the world as they identify with the ups and downs of their favourite riders and horses. We will see some extraordinary battles opening up as the teams go through the GCL season and tactics and selection decisions become ever critical. We are pleased to continue in a pioneering spirit to safeguard the future of show jumping in the modern era and to always ensure top sport and the welfare of the horse’

Jessica Mendoza & Ramiro de Belle Vue

Here are the teams:

Miami Glory
Scott Brash
Kent Farrington
Georgina Bloomberg
Kimberly Prince
Jessica Mendoza (U25)

Antwerp Diamonds
Harrie Smolders
Audrey Coulter (U25)
Katharina Offel
Marc Houtzager
Jos Verlooy (U25)

Madrid In Motion
Alvaro de Miranda
Athina Onassis de Miranda
Marta Ortega Perez
Pedro Veniss
Gonzalo Anon Suarez (U25)

Shanghai Swans
Edwina Tops-Alexander
Ben Maher
Jessica Springsteen (U25)
Janne Friederike Meyer
Alexandra Thornton (U25)

Cannes Stars
Roger-Yves Bost
Marco Kutscher
Roosje Brouwer
Kevin Jochems (U25)

Monaco Aces
Maikel van der Vleuten
Leopold van Asten
Daniel Bluman
Schuyler Riley
Lisa Nooren (U25)

Each team has its own logo

Each team has its own logo

Paris Jets
Rolf-Göran Bengtsson
Gregory Wathelet
Olivier Philippaerts (U25)
Nicola Philippaerts (U25)
Titouan Schumacher (U25)

Cascais Charms
Quentin Judge
David Will
Pilar Cordon Muro
Andreas Kreuzer
Philip Houston (U25)

Valkenswaard United
Bertram Allen (U25)
John Whitaker
Eduardo Menezes
Alberto Zorzi
Emily Moffitt (U25)

Rome Gladiators
Laura Kraut
Laura Renwick
Marlon Zanotelli
Jack Hardin Towell
Emma Heise (U25)

Vienna Eagles
Lauren Hough
Rodrigo Pessoa
Paris Sellon (U25)
Danielle Goldstein
Emanuel Andrade (U25)

Doha Fursan Qatar
Sheikh Ali Al Thani
Bassem Hassan Mohammed
Ali Al Rumaihi
Faleh Alajami
Hamad Al Attiyah (U25)

source: Global Champions Tour. More info:



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