Marcus Ehning takes Rolex Grand Prix of Indoor Brabant

German rider Marcus Ehning and his gorgeous white stallion Cornado NRW won the Rolex Grand Prix of Indoor Brabant this afternoon. Ehning was the fastest in a jump-off with twelve riders. Hans-Dieter Dreher was second with Cool & Easy. The third place was for the Dutch rider Willem Greve and Carambole N.O.P.

Cornado 1

Marcus Ehning & Cornado NRW.

Twelve riders made it to the jump-off. Amongst them three German riders: last year’s winner Daniel Deusser (Cornet d’Amour), Hans-Dieter Dreher and Marcus Ehning. Stephex rider Daniel Deusser did not renew his title from last year because he had one penalty. From the four Dutch riders in the jump-off it was Willem Greve who made it difficult for the other riders. ‘I knew my time wasn’t good enough to win but I also knew that it would be tough for the ten riders behind me to beat me’, he says.

Cornado 3

Marcus Ehning & Cornado NRW.

But in the end Greve’s time got beaten by Dreher and Ehning. ‘Cornado did a fantastic job’, says Ehning. ‘He made it easy for me. It’s been a while since we won anything so I’m very happy with this victory.’ Hans-Dieter Dreher was satisfied with his second place calling his horse ‘a real fighter’. Best Belgian rider in this class was Jos Verlooy. Verlooy rode his chestnut mare Sunshine to a double clear round which resulted in a fourth place. The fifth place was for the new world number one Simon Delestre and Qlassic Bois Margot. On Saturday evening Delestre used the Audi Prize class as a warm-up for his horse. He placed himself for the jump-off but didn’t start. It sure looked like Qlassic was ready for today’s big class.

Simon Delestre - Qlassic Bois Margot 2

Simon Delestre & Qlassic Bois Margot.



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