Hans Peter Minderhoud wins last FEI World Cup qualifier

This afternoon the last qualifier for the FEI World Cup dressage was held at Indoor Brabant. No surprises today because just like Friday Hans Peter Minderhoud and Glock’s Flirt won the Freestyle with a score of 81,775%. Diederik van Silfhout and Arlando N.O.P. were second and the Spanish Beatriz Ferrer-Salat was third with Delgado.


Hans Peter Minderhoud & Glock’s Flirt

Hans Peter was a very happy man at the press conference. ‘I heard the scores of Diederik and Beatriz so I knew I had to do a really good test’, he explains. ‘My horse is such a superhorse. He really tries for you. He’s not hot, he’s not lazy, he’s not spooky, he’s just perfect. He’s really with you all the time. I’m very happy because it was a really good test.’ Hans Peter is qualified for the FEI World Cup and is really looking forward to the final in Gotenborg which will be held within two weeks. ‘I hope I’ll be sitting on the same spot within two weeks,’ he joked. ‘Right here with my prize, that would be great.’ But maybe Hans Peter sees himself at the beach in Rio after his visit to cold Sweden because he is in the race for a ticket to the Olympics. ‘Flirt will get a little holiday after the World Cup’, he says. I’m starting Johnson TN N.O.P. in April. He will do the outdoor season. I hope both horses will be in great shape for the qualifiers for Rio.’

Diederik Van Silfhout & Arlando N.O.P.

Diederik Van Silfhout & Arlando N.O.P.

Who is also aiming for Rio is Diederik Van Silfhout. He rode an excellent test with his top horse Arlando N.O.P. but just came 1,625% short. He knew that after his test there were still some great riders to come but that didn’t had any influence. ‘I just rode for myself’, says Diederik. ‘ Arlando was great. He made no mistakes. The canter is getting bigger and everything feels more relaxed. In the Freestyle it felt like I could ride everything.’ Diederik is also qualified to compete at the World Cup but he won’t start there. He wants to save Arlando and wanted to go with his other horse Bonzanjo but that horse only competed at one World Cup competition so Diederik can’t take Bonzanjo with him.

Beatriz Ferrer-Salat & Delgado

Beatriz Ferrer-Salat & Delgado

Spanish Beatriz Ferrer-Salat scored 79,325% which resulted in a third place. It has been a while since she came to Indoor Brabant but she’s happy to be here and even celebrated her birthday on Friday. ‘I was very happy to come here again, it’s a wonderful show’, she says. ‘Yesterday my horse was holding back. In the warming up everything felt good but when I entered the arena he was holding back. Everybody thought I was riding carefully but I wasn’t. The horse was being careful. Today I tried to push him a bit more and he was a little bit better. It was a nice test but I still think he has to show more.’ Beatriz will not be going to the final of the FEI World Cup. ‘It’s too cold there, I prefer staying in Spain’, she laughs. ‘No, seriously I will be competing in Spain for the next weeks and of course I hope I’ll make it to the Olympic team.’

A little kiss for Glock's Flirt after the test

A little kiss for Glock’s Flirt after the test

Today’s Grand Prix Freestyle showed a lot of potential. The crowd loved the new judging app. Thanks to SAP it was possible for the audience to judge a test. And the results were very close with the ones coming from the real judges. ‘Judging was easy today’, judge Mariette Sanders explains. ‘When the riders are doing a good job, everything goes in a flow. When they make mistakes it gets complicated. The top 7 was really good. Good music, good floor plans, for me it was quite easy because the riders made it easy for us.’


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