Good news for Jan Tops’ Global Champions Tour

The Court of Appeal in Brussels today upheld an earlier decision of the Belgian Competition Authority enabling the 2016 launch of Global Champions League, the innovative team competition that will revolutionise the sport of show jumping. The decision means riders have the freedom to compete in the highly anticipated GCL events, where teams will go head to head for unprecedented prize money in spectacular destinations worldwide next year. In June of this year, the GCL filed a complaint with the BCA alleging the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) had breached EU competition law by using its rules to prevent riders and horses from competing in events not approved by the FEI by imposing a so-called “exclusivity clause”.

tops bassemhassan

Global Champions Tour founder Jan Tops smiles after the clear round of his pupil Bassem Hassan Mohammed.

At the request of GCL, the BCA decided in July to suspend the “exclusivity clause”, allowing GCL Team Competitions to go ahead in 2016. The FEI challenged and requested the suspension of the interim measures. Today the Court of Appeal in Brussels rejected the request and upheld the earlier decision by the Belgium Competition Authority (BCA). As a consequence the “exclusivity clause” of the FEI continues to be suspended in respect of the GCL. The Court of Appeal said the FEI had failed to demonstrate the injunction inflicted serious and irreparable harm on the federation. The court said the FEI had managed for more than a century without the clause and failed to show why it was indispensable.


Global Champions Tour Valkenswaard.

Frank H McCourt Jr, co-owner of GCT, said: “Momentum around the Global Champions League concept has been rapidly gathering pace since it was conceived and we welcome today’s news that the last hurdle has been removed.  We now look forward to focusing our energies on building a new and exciting era for show jumping. “Global Champions League represents a transformational opportunity for the sport of show jumping.  There has been great anticipation in the show jumping community for a clear path to growth, opportunity, and exposure around the world.  We firmly believe that Global Champions League will deliver on all fronts as it builds a truly global fan base and creates exciting opportunities for everyone involved.”

source: Global Champions Tour



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