Jerome Guery wins CSI5* Porsche Grand Prix

Knokke-p1Belgian Jerome Guery did it again. After winning the GP in Lummen with Papillon Z he proved that his grey miracle horse is also fast on sand. Jerome took the win and went home with a beautiful Porsche Targa 911. That sure counts for motivation! ‘I just wanted to win the Porsche’, Jerome said. ‘This is the only competition in the world where you can win a Porsche. Who wouldn’t be motivated? No seriously, it has been a wonderful competition and I think the jump-off was amazing. All riders just wanted to win and there was a lot of suspense. I’m so happy my horse is in such great shape. First Lummen, now Knokke, what will be next?’knokke-gp2

There were 14 combinations who made it to the jump-off but Janika Sprunger decided not to start Aris cms in the jump-off. Michael Whitaker rode a very quick round with Viking but he knew he wouldn’t win. ‘That happens when you’re the second rider in the jump-off’, Michael said. ‘But I was just going for it and I wanted to be fast. You know, it might be one of the last chances to win such a great prize. That’s because of my age’, he laughed. Michael rode the time to beat and at the end Harrie Smolders and Don VHP Z were faster but then Jerome and Papillon Z just went for it. ‘I thought Michael’s time was impossible to beat’, Jerome said. ‘It was so fast. But at the last line I took an extra risk and I pushed and it paid off.’

Not only the riders were smiling all the time also Stephan Conter was a happy man at the end of his 5* competition. ‘It was a great event. There were a lot of people and let’s not forget that it is a free event. Everybody can come in without paying and watch some of the top riders of the world. What we’ll do next? We’ll take a break for 10 days and then we’ll have a meeting but we’re not going to tell you what the plans are’, Stephan laughed. So that’s something we’ll find out later. First it’s time for the Stephex Masters in September.




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