Jerome Guery wins Grand Prix of Lummen

Papillon Z 1This afternoon Jerome Guery won the Grand Prix at Lummen with his ‘new’ horse Papillon Z. Guery was the fastest in a jump-off with 10 riders. In the jump-off he had a tiny problem because Papillon Z got too tensed at the start and it nearly looked like Guery would start too late. ‘Papillon is a very sensitive horse‘, Guery explains. ‘I think it was a bit too much at that moment but I’m happy we made it. The exit is near the first fence and he probably wanted to get out but I pushed him and told him to go‘, Guery laughs. Papillon Z was ridden before by Rik Hemeryck and even a short time by Gregory Wathelet. He’s now 4 weeks with Jerome and the purpose is to sell him but Guery hopes Papillon Z can stay for a while. Peter Postelmans was very happy with the top 3 and especially with Papillon Z winning this class. ‘Papillon Z came to us as a foal‘, Postelmans explains. ‘We rode him and when he was five we sold him. So it’s normal that he wins here, he used to walk around here as a 5-year old.’

Harrie Smolders and Emerald were second but Harrie was named ‘best rider of the competition’. Last year Papillon Z 2he couldn’t compete because Emerald had an injury but now the chestnut stallion is back. ‘You can surely say he’s back in the field‘, Smolders says. ‘I took him to Wellington to prepare him for the season and I can say I’m really happy with him.’ Another happy rider in the top 3 was Niels Bruynseels. He already made a good impression with Pommeau du Heup at the Nations Cup by riding a double clear round. ‘I can say my horse is in good form‘, Bruynseels says. ‘I know he’s not the fastest horse so I just wanted to stay clear in the jump-off.’ And with success because staying clear was enough to became third. Niels also received a compliment from Peter Postelmans. ‘Niels had the most beautiful style to watch. He always jumps so neat. I think he sometimes forgets it’s a jump-off!’ That brought Niels back to Friday because then Dirk Demeersman told he was not in a style riding competition and he just had to push and ride clear. Something Niels did and so we had two Belgian riders in the top 3 and one Dutch rider working for a Belgian company, that surely is a nice competition to watch.


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