Kirsten Brouwer presents Ferdeaux

Today the second edition of the presentation days of the BWP studbook took place at ’t Overdijk. Last year Jeroen Devroe came and presented Eres DL but this year Dutch rider Ferdeaux 2Kirsten Brouwer was there for some clinics and she presented Ferdeaux, a 5 year old stallion out of Bordeaux x Ferro who is very popular for breeding in the Netherlands. “Normally I always take an easy horse with me when I have to give a demonstration so we can show how smoothly everything has to go“, Kirsten says. “But today that certainly isn’t the case because Ferdeaux is a very tense and hot horse. I noticed that he became too stressed when I went out with him so I’m doing this so he’ll learn to remain calm.” Kirsten was accompanied by her mum Annemarie who is also her trainer. “Ferdeaux is a lot like Dancer, the horse Kirsten won the World Championship at Verden for 6 year old horses with. He is extremely hot and has a lot of power. He can easily go on for four hours without getting tired so it’s a challenge to ride a horse like that.” She wanted to explain their way of training young horse and underlined the importance of a proper education. Annemarie explained they use the canter a lot for the warming up. They try to hold the horse in travers so he learns to use his hind leg more. “He has an excellent hind leg“, Annemarie explains. “But the main thing is that he has to use it the right way that’s why we do this exercise a lot.” Ferdeaux1Earlier Kirsten explained that you have to keep contact with your legs if you have a very hot and sensitive horse. That’s also what she tries to do with Ferdeaux. It’s important for the contact and the connection with the horse. “A lot of people think they have to keep their legs of the horse when they ride a very explosive horse but that’s not the case.” Kirsten is well known for riding young horses and stallions and Ferdeaux came to her stables in November last year. “To be honest, Ferdeaux wasn’t easy in the beginning. But I got to know him and it’s getting better. It’s a very good horse and our plan is to go to Verden.” At Verden Ferdeaux will have to show the counter-canter so Annemarie wanted Kirsten to try it at the arena at ’t Overdijk. “At home he can do it“, Kirsten laughs. But the beautiful black stallion shows us an almost flawless counter-canter. Ferdeaux competed at the Pavo Cup as a 4 year old with Cora Verlouw with some great results. The only problem was the stallion didn’t got good points for his walk. “That doesn’t Ferdeaux3mean the horse can’t walk“, Kirsten says. “I also saw it today with the young horses. Sometimes they get too stressed and you can see that when they walk. That was also the problem with Ferdeaux back then. But never say that the horse can’t walk because he scored low points as a young horse for that, it can always change.” Kirsten’s mum again made the comparison with Dancer. “He has a walk like Dancer. It’s not extremely wide but it’s solid and correct.” Ferdeaux surely showed his talent and will surely be a delight to watch in the race to Verden.


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