Cabrio & Olivier stay together


Olivier & Cabrio at the World Equestrian Games.

The first HOPA online auction has ended and their top horse Cabrio van de Heffinck was sold for 1.400.000 euro. Kevin Roossens, the man behind HOPA, was very pleased with the result especially because the horse will stay in Belgian hands and the new owner wants Olivier Philippaerts to keep on riding the white stallion until Rio 2016.

Oliviers dad, Ludo is very happy with the way things turned out. “We didn’t really want to see him go,” Ludo said to HOPA. “Olivier hoped to be able to continue riding him. Nevertheless, I never expected so much attention for an online initiative. Everywhere I went, anywhere in the world, people asked me how the auction progressed. Quite sceptically sometimes. However, today we can say that HOPA did it: Cabrio is partly sold ánd Olivier can continue riding him until the Olympic Games of 2016. What a fantastic result!”

Olivier and Cabrio won the GP of Spruce Meadows in 2012 and were part of the winning Nations Cup team in Aken. They also were part of the Belgian team at the World Equestrian Games in Caen.


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