George & Beezie on Demand


Beezie & Cortes ‘c’ at the World Equestrian Games in Caen.

Today I would like to talk about something I’m quite excited about. I love to read articles or follow training sessions from riders because I always want to learn and improve. The famous George Morris had these wonderful training sessions which the USEF network broadcasted online. You can even watch them on demand for free by clicking this link. I really love it. I love his way of teaching and his wonderful one liners, like:

We kid ourselves the problem is with the horses, no – the problem is with the riding and the schooling. Ride it beautifully then with repetition, a good horse gets better, a bad horse never will. Good horses properly ridden teach themselves about jumping 

Don’t think of the jumping, think of the riding before the fence and after… it’s called dressage.

Beezie team USA

Team USA won the bronze team medal at the World Equestrian Games in Caen.

I could keep on reading and watching and now I really can do that thanks to the USEF Network. I really hope other countries will do the same. It’s not just a livestream, the camerawork is also good. It helps that George Morris also had a masterclass with one of my favourite riders: Beezie Madden. She did a flat work demonstration with Winston and had some good pointers. She talks about how the horse feels and how she works with the horse. It’s all very clear to understand and you also see the progress the horse makes. “Every horse is gonna be stronger than you“, she says and that’s what people often forget. It’s not about power. Damn, how I would love to get a training session from those riders!


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