Stenkjers Nadonna has been retired

Great Britain’s DV Stenkjers Nadonna, ridden by Gareth Hughes and owned by Jane Brewin, has been retired from competition. The decision has been made while the sixteen year old chestnut mare is still fit and well and can enjoy a well-earned retirement at home with her owners.  “We’ve been very lucky to see her fulfil her potential but our promise to Donna was always that she could enjoy her retirement“, her owner Jane explains. “We have so many people to thank, especially Gareth, Steph, and all the team who have kept her happy and healthy. We also want to thank the World Class Programme and National Lottery for their support. She’s enabled us to live our dream and now it’s time for Donna to live hers”.


Hughes has been riding the mare for four years and competed at the European Championship in Herning and the World Equestrian Games in Caen. With a European bronze and World silver medal to their names, Gareth commented; “We’ve had an amazing few seasons, capped off with WEG last year. Donna will be seventeen this year, and Jane and Kevin decided that they’d like to give something back to the mare and give her a nice retirement as a thank you for what she’s given them. When we started together we didn’t expect we’d end up doing a Europeans or a World Championships but I couldn’t be more thankful for what she’s given us, she’s outdone all our expectations, and each step we made forward was very special.”

source: British Dressage



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