Landbouwleven Horse of the Year 2014: Citizenguard Toscan de Sainte-Hermelle

Another moment in the spotlight for Citizenguard Toscan de Sainte-Hermelle, the 11-year old SBS approved stallion owned by Alain Van Campenhoudt and ridden by the 20-year old Constant Van Paesschen. They started the year with a fabulous third place at the Global Champions Tour Grand Prix in Antwerp and recently became third at the Paris Gucci Masters Grand Prix. 2014 was also a year which caused some consternation when Toscan and Constant were not selected for the Belgian team for the World Equestrian Games. Like a true athlete the combination fought back by earning a lot of top ten places in several competitions.


Now Toscan is chosen as the Landbouw Horse of the Year 2014. The award ceremony will take place at Jumping Mechelen on Sunday, 28th December at 10.15 pm in the main arena. ”I am very happy with the election of Citizenguard Toscan de Sainte Hermelle as Horse of the Year“, Constant says. “I see it as a reward for a whole team: the owner, the groom and everyone at our stables. I have been riding him since he was 8 years old and he did a great job this year. His biggest qualities are that he is very careful and has a huge heart, he is always willing to go for it! Being a real stallion, he’s the boss of the stables at home. However, when he is at a competition, other stallions sometimes try to dominate him and things can get a bit wild. Once we are back home, everyone is back to the usual calmness.”

source: press release Jumping Mechelen




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