Tip Top Mury Marais Z

I really like this horse, even though she did not win today 😉 It’s like she’s saying “look at me, I’m so pretty”. Tip Top was one of the horses Patrick Mc Entee made it to the jump-off of the final 6/7-year old horses with. She finished sixth but McEntee won with his 6-year old horse April Mury Marais Z. The funny thing is that Mc Entee is sponsored by Catherine De Buyl who was the sponsor of this class. “I’ve been working for Catherine for quite some years now“, Mc Entee says. “So I’m happy to win this class. It’s not easy to ride with a 6-year old against those 7-year olds but April is very good. She knows almost everything. April and Tip Top have a lot in common. They’re not that big but they have a very wide canter. They have enough power and are very fast in the turns. Like all of the horse I ride they are supposed to stay with me and to grow further but we’ll see what the future brings.

tip top


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